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Events Management Kenya

Your event will stir imagination and inspire love for your brand

Whatever the event – from small intimate presentations to large corporate events with thousands of attendees, from stylish product launches to Large flagship showcases, not forgetting exhibitions and tradeshows in-between, we can help you or your customer ensure your event is a success..

Events Management

Tents for Hire

Tents provide a flexible addition to venue spaces for event organisers. Good quality tents add sophistication to your event and will impress your customers and partners alike. We have a variety of sizes and designs to fit any type of event big or small.

Events Management

Chair for Hire

These can be arranged to achieve an appealing setup to the eye, yet functional for the need at hand. The following sizes suffice:

  • Armless plastic chair:
    Easy to set up, takes little space and ergonomically a classic. Can be decorated easily and cheaply by use of standard seat cover and tie back. Range on this can be perused under linen.
  • Chiavari:
    A master piece that does not require a seat cover. However, you may blend your colors by using a tie back
  • Lawn chair:
    Ideal for a garden function like a vowing ceremony. It gives your event a distinct variation in arrangement.
  • Banqueting chairs:
    Ideal for long sitting events like seminars etc.
Events Management

Tables for Hire

These can be arranged to achieve an appealing setup to the eye, yet functional for the need at hand. The following sizes suffice:

  • Round table:
    For use in a dinner setup. Can sit up to 10 guests comfortably
  • Round cake table:
    Is 3 ft. in diameter
  • Buffet tables:
    Can be used for catering, placing PA system, gift collection area etc. They are 6”*2” ft.
  • Cocktail tables.
    These are 2 ft. in diameter.
  • Lounge chairs:
    These are used to relax on. They are ideal for an easy event like corporate events. Casual evenings under the star in our clear hexagon tents.
Events Management

Catering Services

When it comes to on-site catering, our in-house chefs can craft fresh, high-quality menus for every type of event to bring you the absolute best dining experience. But we’re more than just caterers. We’re corporate event planners. That means we plan your catering in such a way that it blends seamlessly with your corporate event; no matter if it is an annual company picnic or extravagant office holiday party. We focus on the presentation of your food so that it looks just as amazing as it tastes.

Events Management

Public Address and Sound System for Hire

Whether you need audio for a panel of speakers, a general session ballroom presentation, or an outdoor event, Blessings has all of the equipment you’ll need! Blessings offers sound system rental packages and live sound production services for meetings and events of all shapes and sizes throughout the region.

Events Management

Djs and Mcs

Here at Blessings Tents Makers, we understand that the right event entertainment is of utmost importance at your next corporate event. DJs and MCs are both excellent entertainment options for your next event and can transform an ordinary soiree into something extraordinary. With many years of experience planning a wide variety of corporate events, we have the know-how to arrange the best, most engaging and professional MCs and DJs available.

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