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Garden Umbrellas

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Enjoying good times outside whether you’re enjoying lunch by the pool side or reading shouldn’t be dependent on the weather. Protect yourself from the Weather elements with our collection of outdoor umbrellas ,patio and parasols umbrellas designs that are as functional as they are beautiful.
We provide a wide range of outdoor garden umbrella in Kenya. We offer a variety of garden umbrellas from small patio umbrellas to big custom umbrellas that are suitable for commercial use for business such as restaurants, hotels and cafes that offers Cool and comfortable environment while sitting outdoors in any weather condition.
Our garden umbrellas shade not only offers protection from the sun that causes sun burns while sitting outside but also increase the beauty of your outdoor space in your home, hotel and restaurant where it is placed.
Our garden umbrellas are made of high quality fabrics such as PVC fabric material or heavy polyester fabric and strong steel poles that hold the umbrella tough in place against all weather conditions while providing shade

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